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Make your fireplace the focal point of the room by selecting a tile pattern that grabs attention and sets the right mood. Tile is durable, easy to maintain and doesn’t have the fire safety worries you might find with other materials. In the old days, ceramic tile fireplaces were the only heat source in homes. Their unique design that is hiding behind the beautiful decorative tile is like a labyrinth for hot air to travel and distribute heat through out. A stylish tile design is a great way to highlight your fireplace.


The produced energy is recommended for people, who suffer from an allergy to dust and unfavorable conditions, which may arise from convection heating. 

Learn how they were used in 15th century Europe here.

keeping up the tradition

Manufacturing of tile ceramics using traditional methods is an appreciated craft. Major manufacturers of stove and fireplace tiles are still small workshops based on a long-term family tradition, such as in case of our Tilery KAFEL-KAR. Tiles are made of only natural and raw materials, mainly from various mixes of clay and chamotte. During processing and multiple heating, the high temperature renders clay a material which is environment-friendly and safe-to-health.  The tile takes up properties which other building materials do not have. These include functionality,  durability, and the ability to retain the look unaffected for few centuries.


The beauty and aesthetics of tiles is emphasized by decorations using multiple color glazes techniques. Adding our hand painted decorations, makes the unique and one of a kind.The variety and freedom of choice when creating custom arrangements of stoves or fireplaces gives enormous possibilities for designers and contractors.


When heating, the tiles provide surface distribution of heat coming out of the stove interior.
It is the healthiest and best method we can get when heating up our home. Hot air travels through large heating areas of the tile stove or fireplace, which is completely different than convection heating. It changes the distribution of temperature within home for more favorable, because it does not dry out the air in a room and ensures much greater heating comfort for human body.

Beautiful hand painted ceramic tiles

Belvedere offers a possibility of decorating tiles with gold, platinum or other selected glaze color.

You can also request us to paint any portrait, act, abstraction, still life, as well as any religious, mythological or historical battle themes. Just send us your images.

All our ceramic tiles are hand painted. We do not apply any decals, thus each tile is always a unique and one-of-a-kind piece.

We are always open to new challenges!

How it works

Heat builds up in the fireplace, which is custom built, the tiles are positioned in a unique way in order to radiate energy in every direction.  Seamless gaps are left on the bottom for fresh air to come in from the room and after combustion the exhaust is pushed to the outside through vent pipe.  


The result of all this is what you see on the picture to your right, even radiant heat throughout the entire fireplace that heats up your home without drying the air out.

Ecological heating of home

Heat-accumulating system aims at reaching the highest possible heating efficiency, which manifests itself through the fastest possible warming time.

Excellent results of emission fumes compliance with all norms.

Stove efficancy  
reaches 86%

Patented by Patent Office of Republic of Poland.The system fulfils the requirements of PN-EN 15250:2009 norm that conforms to DIN Plus certification and fulfils the requirements of BImSchV emission control act.

12Hr accumulation   of heat

TermoKaust stove is distinguished by an advanced method of air supply to individual combustion stages.  Air passes have been specifically designed to heat the supplied air during its inlet. 

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