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Below you will find all of our services that we offer as New York Distributors

Hearth & Home


Do you have a fireplace already?

Are you looking to buy one?

Need help choosing?

Need a quote for your project?

We can help with all of that.

Just drop us a message or learn more below.


Need a custom build fireplace?

Have a restoration project on existing masonry fireplace?

We specialize in Herringbone.

We can help with all that and more. Drop us a message or learn more below.



We repair and rebuild existing chimneys and fireplaces.

Need a new chimney build? We do that as well. 

Drop us a message or learn more below.


Do you need a new boiler breeching? From small boilers to huge commercial boilers that requere heavy gauge stainless steel pipe, we can do it all.

Drop us a message or learn more below.

Flue Liners

Do you have a old wood burning fireplace? Do you smell burning in your upper floors? Have us install a new stainless steel lining system to prevent dangerous emissions entering your living areas. Drop us a message or learn more below.

Video Scan

Let us inspect your chimney or liner for any cracks or damages. Do this for peace of mind or before costly repair bill. We provide all 3 levels of inspection and can issue a chimney affidavit. Drop us a message or learn more below.

Draft Inducer

Is your chimney having draft issues? Is the smoke going back into your room? Do you have a long complicated vent run for your new fireplace? Solve all those problems by installing a Draft Induces System. Drop us a message or learn more below.


From gas fireplaces to gas log sets, we repair 99% of gas fireplaces. Our team of technicians can tackle any problem. Drop us a message or learn more below.

New York City has strict codes for fireplaces. We meet all the needs and more.

Need chimney inspection services in Brooklyn? A chimney camera inspection in Manhattan? For any form of chimney repair in New York, we’ve got you covered. With over 20 years of experience, we can write the book on chimney repair, maintenance, installation and safety



Chimney Repair and Camera Inspection Services

Our staff has over 20 years of experience with installing and building fireplaces and chimneys. We can assist in product selection as well as basic design or, in some cases, relocate an existing fireplace. If you already have an insert or gas log set, we can install it for you.


Items we install include, but are not limited to:

  • Wood burning fireplace inserts

  • Gas burning fireplaces

  • Gas burning fireplace inserts - traditional and linear

  • Insert a gas fireplace into your old wood burning fireplace

  • Gas log sets : perfect for offering that fireplace feel, without conducting heat

  • Pellet stoves

  • Pellet stove inserts

  • Gas burning stoves (no, not the major appliance)

  • Vent-free fireplaces

  • Ceramic tile fireplaces: beauty, elegance as well as heating support

  • Stainless steel chimney liners

  • Boiler breechings ​

  • Draft inducers

  • Chimneys caps

  • We also build/rebuild wood burning fireplaces

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