LEO 100 Right Gas Fireplace

LEO 100 Right Gas Fireplace

SKU: 0004

Leo with a panoramic vision of fire, a discreet facade frame and a minimal amount of external elements means that after building the fire is in the foreground. The Leo series is adapted for natural gas (NG) or (LP) liquid propane. 


An innovative, elegant gas insert with a horizontal and realistic vision of fire.

High quality, comfort and simplicity of use.

Uninterrupted vision of fire thanks to the invisible facade frame and the minimum amount of visible steel elements.

A specially designed burner provides a realistic vision of fire, like in a real wood-burning fireplace. Additional flame height adjustment.



The device has a CE certificate, which guarantees safety of use, health and environmental protection.

Hermetically closed combustion chamber, which gives the highest degree of safety; the fireplace is automatically turned off if there are any problems with the air / flue gas duct or gas supply.



Thermostatic control: total control using a touch-sensitive radio remote control with a built-in thermostat.

Fuel selection - a closed combustion chamber adapted for burning with natural gas or LPG.

Installation does not require a traditional chimney - the concentric duct system allows installation in rooms without a chimney, all you need to do is to lead the duct outside the building wall or roof.

Time control: the possibility of programming the daily temperature even seven days in advance.

The device does not require an external power source (has its own power supply system). The control panel is powered by four 1.5V batteries. (optional purchase of a second G 60-ZBE power supply module).


The set includes:    

- gas cartridge adapted for the combustion of natural gas

- automatic control of the combustion process with touch control    

- ceramic dresser for lining the hearth


WARNING! Before purchasing, specify what type of gas the system will be supplied with - natural gas (NG) or LPG (from a cylinder), as the choice of burner and nozzles will depend on the choice of gas. Before installation, make sure that the device to be connected is intended for gas supply suitable for the type of gas installation. All necessary information as to the required gas parameters can be found on the fireplace rating plate.